The Grove Word Prompt: Body

This body of yours has carried you across continents and oceans, enduring the most extreme conditions and the strangest foods. Maybe you are proud of all your body has allowed you to see, do and accomplish.

Or maybe when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel shame. Or indifference. Even thinking about your body might feel unimportant or strange when compared to the spiritual heart work that is happening.

How do you view your body?

Let’s get practical this week! How do we nourish not just our souls but our bodies as well in our line of work? How can we care well for this temple the Father has given us without elevating it too much? There are hard questions and real struggles related to this topic, but we hope you will join us for the important discussions happening this week.

You are welcome to join the conversation through the blog post comments, and make sure you are following us on social media so you can interact with us there. You can post your own thoughts and images on Instagram this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesBody.

What do you think?

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