The Grove Word Prompt: Fruits of the Spirit

fruits of the spirit prompt

It’s a list you probably have had tucked away since you were little. Maybe you learned them through a song or fun actions.

Many of us can rattle off all the fruits of the Spirit—but how are we doing at living them out?

Constant dust and streaming ants might test our patience. Heat or freezing temperatures chip away at our joy. A scarcity mentality and stress-induced chocolate cravings fight with our self-control.

How is the Father harvesting the fruits of His Spirit in your life right now?

Is there a fruit He is pointing out that needs a little tending to?

We love keeping the conversation going throughout the week both in the blog post comments and over on Instagram! Use the hashtag #VelvetAshesFruitsoftheSpirit, and share with us all the Father is cultivating in your life.

What do you think?

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