The Grove Word Prompt: Goodbye

goodbye prompt

Your suitcases are organized and weighed carefully. Lists are checked off and all your favorite places have been visited one last time. You’re ready to go.

These months in the middle of the year are often full of transition. You might be saying “Goodbye” as you start a new adventure in a brand-new country. Or, someone else’s adventure means a transition you didn’t expect or ask for. Staying can be full of endings, last hugs and send-offs.

We’re talking about transition this month through a three-week series. This is for those who are going for the first time, or heading back to their passport countries or welcoming new teammates. This week, we’ll explore the theme of Goodbye. Goodbyes are neither easy nor fun, but they are an important part of our life overseas.

What are you saying goodbye to? How can we walk with you as you do that well?

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What do you think?

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