The Grove Word Prompt: Numbers

What are you counting these days?

The numbers in your newsletter to help supporters understand your work? The amount in your bank account? The times you are in up in the night to help a sick child, or the days until your next break? The creatures that have wandered through your yard in the last week?

The numbers can overwhelm, burden, and crush us under the weight of them. They can lead to comparison and envy. Or they can give hope and joy.

As we continue to think about our journey of life and faith, our daily lives overseas and the ordinary gifts of each day, this week we are exploring the counting that happens in our hearts and our minds. We’ll have some fun posts and some serious ones, opportunities to dig deep and the chance to ponder. We are continuing our slower pace this week with one less post (if you are counting them). Join us at The Grove as we wrap things up and reflect on the week. Post your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesNumbers- what are you counting?

What do you think?

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