The Grove Word Prompt: Parents

They are often the last faces we see before the security line pulls our attention and focus onward. They are there to greet us after hours in airports and airplanes, ready with hugs and warm coats for travel weary souls. Our parents sacrifice and love and minister too as they send us off.

And as parents ourselves, we watch our children say goodbye, make new friends, and experience new cultures right beside us. Perhaps they didn’t ask for this life, yet family calling applies to them too.

This week we are starting a series on relationships and will look at parents. How have your parents been a part of your overseas journey? How has being a parent in a cross-cultural setting shaped you and your child? We can’t wait to hear your stories this week! Come share in the comments, and we will wrap up the week with a powerful post at the Grove. Let’s celebrate parents this week on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesParents.

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