The Grove Word Prompt: Passport Cultures

It is probably our most prized possession as an overseas worker. We can’t go anywhere without it. Losing this item will cause headaches and drama and panic.

Our passport.

If we all stood in a circle holding up these precious passports, the colors would range from blue to red to green to black, featuring different emblems and representing places around the world.

We love this diversity, the way our community forms a beautiful tapestry that pictures the Kingdom for us in a unique way. This week we want to celebrate this and give greater voice to each of you and the passport country you represent.

What unique perspective does your passport (or birth or home) country give you? Because of this perspective, what gifts do you bring to the Velvet Ashes community? We can’t wait to dialogue with you this week, both in the blog post comments as well as over on Instagram. Use the hashtag #VelvetAshesPassportCulture to share your story, your thoughts and let’s have fun this week as we learn more about each other!

What do you think?

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