The Grove Word Prompt: Personality

personality prompt

We’re like a bag of Skittles candy, all of us women flung around the globe, displaying the most vibrant rainbow colors in our diversity. Some of us prefer a lingering cup of coffee with a friend, others come alive in a room full of people. Some of us plan first and others go with the flow of events as they happen. One of us is the peacemaker, another the entrepreneur, still another the justice fighter and another the scholar.

Our differences can push us apart as we bump up against each other’s humanness. Or, we can seek to understand and listen and hold tight to the beauty of the myriad of ways God chose to design us.

Our personalities influence not only our relationships but how our lives are lived out on the field. Do we compare and contrast, lamenting our wiring or that of someone else? How do we grow in living out of our own skin authentically as we seek to keep maturing into the likeness of Christ?

Our discussion this week centers around the theme of personality. What makes you uniquely you and how does that impact your life? How has that affected your time on the field? We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Don’t forget that you can join us on Instagram for a personality party this week, using the hashtag #VelvetAshesPersonality.

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