The Grove Word Prompt: Poverty

Many of us are confronted by poverty issues every day. Our reactions can vary: guilt, compassion, overwhelm. The issue is complicated and the layers can feel daunting.

But we don’t want to shy away from tough conversations, and so we are opening up the topic of poverty this week. Here’s a taste of the posts this week and the ways we can be thinking and engaging with this theme.

“This poverty taught me that humanity could live off little and still survive. It also taught me, however, to carry guilt over any purchase or perceived luxury I might experience in its face.”

“These problems are far bigger than me, and I am only responsible to do my part. However, I still had daily decisions to make. Will giving here make the problems worse?”

“What came out of that were years of unprecedented testimonies of community needs being met locally that we as foreigners would never have been made aware of.

“There is much evidence suggesting that the way we engage with marginalized communities can either mobilize them further, or it can disenfranchise them further.”

We want your voice too. What are the things we need to be talking about related to poverty? What are you learning about what ministry looks like among the poor?

Share your thoughts in the comments on the blog this week, and respectfully add your thoughts on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesPoverty.

Photo by Dickens Sikazwe on Unsplash

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