The Grove Word Prompt: Re-entry

re-entry prompt

Perhaps you’ve been longing to leave, the weight of all you’ve carried through the years overseas feeling like a burden too hard to bear.

Or changes in your host country, unforeseen family circumstances or organizational issues have caused your departure far sooner than you would have ever asked for or imagined.

But now here you are. Back in your passport country, trying to figure out what normal even means.

Our re-entry stories are broken and beautiful. They are full of mishaps and questions, grief and joy.

This week, we will walk down the road of re-entry. We will hear the raw stories of those who have walked before, and we hope you will share your own experiences with us- whether you are right in the thick of it, trying to prepare or able to share the hope that has come as you have settled. Share with us over on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesReentry.

If you need encouragement and support in your re-entry journey, we also hope you will check out our Re-entry Toolkit. You’ll find a video class taught by Danielle and Sarah as they share their own experiences and wisdom, plus access to a timed email series and private Facebook group.


Here at Velvet Ashes we want to model intentional rest. We want to give you a heads up that June 30th through July 7th will be our Sabbath week. Our blog and media platforms will be silent, and we hope you’ll use that week to focus on your own refreshment and soul care. Look for more about our Sabbath week in next weekend’s Have You Seen post!

Photo by Steven Aguilar on Unsplash

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