The Grove Word Prompt: Rhythms

Kaleidoscope Rhythms

We feel it in the beat of our favorite song, our toes tapping along. We watch the ocean waves come in and recede and our hearts respond with longing and acknowledgement. Rhythms resonate with us.

In the messy, chaotic lives we lead, we need a space to pause and evaluate the rhythms that guide our goings and comings, our days and months and years. Are we swept along by the tyranny of the urgent, the next big thing? Or do we push hard and then pull back, giving ourselves space for rest? Do we plan days off, play days, buffer days?

One of the annual rhythms of Velvet Ashes is our online retreat, and registration is opening this week! This retreat is designed with you in mind, our sisters who are serving around the world. There are videos and guided journaling prompts, a plan ready for you to take a half day or a whole weekend to slow and savor. Early bird registration will open on Tuesday evening (EST), so plan to join right away!

What are the rhythms that breath hope into your life right now? Plan to join us in the posts and comments this week, and add your thoughts on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesRhythms.

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