The Grove Word Prompt: Sabbath


Here in this Velvet Ashes community, we know how important it is to rest. We know the value of feeding our souls, and we love the concept of Sabbath. Several years ago we decided to do more than talk about it, and we started an annual rhythm of taking an entire week off.

That’s right, this whole next week (June 30th– July 7th) this space will be quiet. We won’t have blog posts or emails going out, there won’t be conversation happening on social media or in book club. We are joining you for a Sabbath week.

We pray this week will be rich for you, for all of us!

The rhythm continues through the months of July and August with one less blog post each week (Wednesday evening/Thursday). Use this extra space to nourish your souls!

What might your Sabbath week look like? Go for a walk. Read a good book (get started on the July book club pick, The Giver). Play with your family. Make a good meal. Read through the wisdom of others’ thoughts on the topic of Sabbath from our archives.

We’ll come back together after this week to talk about the theme of Vacation! The Grove Word prompt will be live over the weekend as we get back into the swing of things. Happy Sabbath week, friends!

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

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