The Grove Word Prompt: Understood

A blank stare, eyes glazed over. A quick topic change. We know what’s it’s like to live a life that feels utterly strange and foreign to those who have not been there, how painful it can be when they don’t know how to hear our hearts well.

But we get it. This community is a sisterhood of women who have walked where you have walked, or are about to join you on this journey. We are here to cry, to laugh with complete understanding at language mistakes, to rejoice over grocery store finds and work victories, to pray for breakthroughs and babies and family far away.

We are a place for you to feel understood.

This week as we get ready for our Connection Groups to start, we want to open the circle wide to share together. You are important, you are welcome here and there’s a place for you to share your story, your life. Registration for Connection groups will open on September 11 at 6 PM EST, and if you want to know more check out this article. Add your voice through the comments this week and link up your blog posts as we join together at The Grove. You can also join our community over on Instagram by sharing with the hashtag #VelvetAshesUnderstood.

What do you think?

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