GIVING CAMPAIGN: Help us raise $30,000

$22,955 of $30,000 raised

In a year when global workers felt the same burdens with all of humanity, they also faced expiring visas with closed governments; closed borders to family, friends, and needed supplies; guilt as they considered leaving a country where compromised health could be a death sentence for them or their family.

And for the first time they hesitated to share their needs. As they viewed the already heavy scale of burdens that their supporters and families were carrying, they quietly held back what they longed to set down.

But at Velvet Ashes we saw what they held close. We wanted to be a safe place for them to put all of their cards on the table. In 2020 we wanted them to know “You Are Seen”. It was our joy to spend the year being the safe space to share and creating resources to offer courage and hope to those we serve.

This year, help us meet our end of year goal of raising $30,000 to help Velvet Ashes continue to be the place our community feels seen in 2021!

Your support has made such a difference to those on the ground in 2020. Thank you for helping us keep serving in 2021!

Thank you from Denise Beck and the Velvet Ashes Team.