Author: Anna Smit

Anna Smit

Anna Smit is a Kiwi-Dutch wife and mother of two girls. She lives in the Netherlands, but grew up in New Zealand and Germany, the child of Kiwi missionaries. A Prodigal returned home, she has personally tasted of God’s goodness in the land of the living, of a Father whose loving hand never ever departs from His suffering children and who remains eternally faithful, even when we turn away in fear or shame. She loves to share that beautiful Love with others God places on her path. She has a special yearning to see the fulfilment of God’s Promises in the lives of His Prodigal children. This has led to the opening of BelovedProdigal, a gathering place for friends and family of Prodigals to boldly declare their loved ones as beloved of Christ and to witness the unfolding of this truth in their lives.