Author: Elizabeth J. W. Spencer

Elizabeth J. W. Spencer

Elizabeth and her husband Greg live in Mekelle located in the desert highlands of Northern Ethiopia. Her husband manages a clean energy company that manufactures wood-burning cook stoves. Mekelle actually has a sizable population but is remotely located close to the Eritrean border with limited western influence. Elizabeth buys local because that all there is, she is an avid cook because it’s the only dining option, she travels with her husband to tiny mountain towns distributing stoves while writing about the grace that has been birthed in her life through loss, rejection and her own poor choices.Before living in Ethiopia, Elizabeth lived in Malawi for 3 three years working for President Joyce Banda. Elizabeth and her husband met miraculously on overlapping projects in Rwanda almost 4 years ago. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and her blog Making Me Brave