Author: Janet Blomberg

Janet Blomberg

Janet Blomberg serves as Executive Director of Interaction International which works with third-culture kids (TCKs) and families around the world and from all cultural backgrounds. She works extensively with children and adults on a wide variety of TCK and transition issues as well as helping parents with the educational needs/challenges they face raising their children overseas. She is a speaker, author and consultant on TCK issues.

Interaction provides transition seminars for teens and adults who have returned to the States, prefield training for parents on developing educational plans for their family as well as training for caregivers. In addition, Interaction produces a magazine for adult TCKs called Among Worlds which deals with the heart issues of TCKs. For more information about resources and services check out Interaction’s website: Also be sure to check out Interaction International’s Facebook page for both a fun and serious look at the TCK experience.