Author: Lynn Ella Lowe

Lynn Ella Lowe

In 2008, I moved with my husband and 2 sons (ages 4 & 11) to Southeast Asia and we have lived here for the last 14 years. Our sons are now 25 and 18 years old and we are getting ready to be empty nesters as they will both be in the States and we will continue to work in the same place we arrived in 2008! We may be empty nesters, but our house is never empty! Out of a need to find ways to consistently have opportunities to share life with the women in the communities we engage, I, along with my husband and our team, began a business that has provided empowering jobs for over 80 women in our area and allowed me the time to share with them that I didn’t have before. My heart is to see the women here understand Truth and find the peace and joy that only He can give!