The Grove Word Prompt: Welcome to Culture Shock

“Culture shock: A state of anxious confusion experienced by someone exposed to an alien or unfamiliar environment.”

  • American Heritage Dictionary

It might only take stepping outside your door to feel the reverberations of culture shock, or the subtle differences might feel more like you are just a little bit off balance, searching for something stable to hold on to. Culture shock can feel like a glorious adventure or tiny frustration bubbles, and a whole range of emotions stirred up all in one day.

It can cause us to grumble or compare. We might want to run away, back to all that is familiar and known, where our hearts already feel oriented and safe. We might even become critical.

But as we settle in, keep asking questions, and renewing hope within, those culture shock moments can turn in to “aha” stories. So this is why it happens this way here! Now I understand! And the strange becomes familiar.

What are your culture shock stories?

We have some great insight coming this week from the posts, and even a giveaway so you want to stay tuned! How do you deal with culture shock in a way that is healthy? What caught you the most off guard when you first arrived in your new culture?

Share your culture shock stories and thoughts with us this week on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesWelcometoCultureShock.

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