Laura Campbell

Location: Tabacundo, Ecuador
Region: South America

I’m a TCK turned cross cultural worker. I was born and grew up in Kenya, East Africa. I’ve lived in Oregon, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Michigan, Japan, Portugal, and now Ecuador! I’ve been married to Rusty for nearly 20 years, and we have 3 precious sons and 1 beautiful daughter. Each one of our kids was born on a different continent through no plan or design of my own!

We’ve been in Ecuador since April, 2012, and we currently administrate Camp Bellevue, a Christian camp in Tabacundo, Ecuador. We oversee daily operations, coordinate short-term visiting groups and youth camps, run an after-school program for children of low-income families in our community, and work to encourage and build up area churches. I homeschool our kids. In my free time (ha, what’s that?) I enjoy scrap-booking, playing the piano, and writing.

I love books, the beach, sunsets, crackling fires, and being organized. I’m a planner who is finding that life doesn’t always go the way I plan it. It isn’t easy, but I’m slowly learning to be content with the journey I’m on… with the winding road… and with the unknown, out of sight around the bend.

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  1. Chris Wheeler January 21, 2019

    Welcome Laura to the Community Map! It sounds like you have a very busy life! We hope to get to know you better at Velvet Ashes.

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