10 Tips for Daily Life Overseas

I look at the title of this post and think, “Hmmm… 10 tips to follow? Nice!”

I love tips. I love knowing how to do things and having a recipe for success.

I love when things are neat and uncomplicated. I enjoy knowing what to expect, how to accomplish the tasks ahead of me and then, end the day with a smile.

Follow these instructions and this will be the result. Zero Pinterest fails.

Except, daily life overseas doesn’t quite work that way, does it?

How do we come up with 10 tips for days that are always different, always challenging, always full of the unexpected?

How do we come up with a recipe for success under such difficult, stressful, and stretching conditions in our overseas lives?

Days that weigh us down with dangers and pressures and expectations.

Days that language disappears or the guard fails or cultural misunderstandings seem to win.

Days that seem to be a Pinterest fail before breakfast is over.

Papers expire too quickly. Team members leave swiftly. Things break daily.

I can’t possibly have 10 tips to help you with all of those very heavy, breathtaking daily life situations.

Or, can I?

Could you?

Could you come up with a list of 10 tips for daily life overseas?

I think together, we can.

There are things we can do to order the chaos and keep peace in the storm.

With Jesus, we have all we need to make our list of tips for overseas life.

Hear my heart… I’m not oversimplifying that phrase. It isn’t a pat answer. Jesus is not just something I’m throwing out there because this is a Christian blog and we are overseas workers.

I’m throwing it out there because it is truth.

He is our 10 tips for daily life overseas.

Our worship of him, our trust in him, our daily walk with him, our thanks to him.

His word.

His help.

His hope.

His promises.

Are you finding 10 things with me?

All things are possible… even the paperwork deadline for your visas.

He can quiet the storm… even political unrest.

He is our comforter… even when you have to say goodbye one more time.

He is our joy… even when sickness refuses to leave.

As you are reading this I hope that you are realizing that actually, Jesus is way more than 10 tips.

He is bountiful, unending, more than enough, always on time and ever faithful.

When we break open our Bibles for the day, we can find exactly what we need for whatever comes our way.

He is our daily bread, our daily portion, and our daily provider.

We can stand on that today and we can know it is also available tomorrow. And every day after that. Forever.

So, let’s create a list. Will you do that with me?

After reading this post, what would be on your list of 10 tips for daily life overseas? For your life overseas? Would you make a list, post it to your facebook or instagram, tag Velvet Ashes and let us all be encouraged by these amazing Jesus tips for life overseas?

What is on your list for daily life overseas?

What do you think?

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