A Pep Talk For Those Who Go

A Pep Talk For Those Who Go

You know what I feel like we all need about right now?


(First, go watch this pep talk.)

Let’s just break it down.

The road less traveled HURTS.

All you’ve given up? All you’ve sacrificed? All those armies of ants you’re fighting in your kitchen right now?

It hurts.

And after a day of hurt followed by a day of hurt followed by a term or three of hurt, we get TIRED.



But do you remember when you first encountered extreme poverty? Political oppression? Spiritual darkness?

Do you remember that fire? Do you remember the way you felt when the Father first tugged at you to serve him in another culture?

Do you remember reading Isaiah 6:8 and you said, “Here I am! Send me!”

GO BACK THERE. Feel those feelings. Bring back those memories.

You, on your first trip overseas.
You, telling your family for the first time that you were called to Kingdom work abroad.
You…believing and hoping and praying for massive miracles to fall from above.

I have to take myself back there often. I lose sight of the glory set before me. I don’t always believe the Father is going to do great things among my people group.

I get disheartened. I desire earthly comforts. I mourn all the things that I’ve lost.

And it’s okay. You can go there, too.

But bring yourself back. Back to the beginning. Back to the doe-eyed girl who believed she could change the world.


And you’re doing it. You’re changing the world.

When you wipe up your kids’ messes, you’re changing the world.
When you brave a team meeting as a single gal, you’re changing the world.
When you drive a motorbike in any foreign city, for goodness sake. You’re changing the world.

You’re doing it! You’re living and breathing the mission before us.


If you’re just embarking on your journey, GO! Go get ‘em out there. Tackle that language and buy all the weird foods on the street. Fall in love like mad with your new home overseas.

If you’ve been on your journey for quite a while, you too—GO! Pull up those bootstraps and make up your bed. Open your front door to greet your foreign home with optimism, KNOWING that your God? He cares deeply for you and everybody else in the village where you live.

God is going to do some big things through you as you serve him abroad. But he’s going to do a million small things through you, too.

Embrace the small. Praise Him for the big.

And anything in the middle? When you’re not sure anything is really happening in your work? EXHALE.

Your heart is being pruned and led by the Spirit. You’re becoming more like Christ. And that is the most important mission any of us are on.

Take courage as you go, my Sister. And consider yourself pep-talked.

Where have you been forgetting to remember the passion you had when you were first called? In what ways do you sense God calling you go?

This post first appeared here.

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash


  1. Michele June 10, 2020

    “Not cool, Robert Frost!” I love Kid President- it’s been a long time, but today was a good day for that one! Thanks for your pep talk too, Lauren! Welcome to the field all you “goers”! We need your fresh enthusiasm like never before!

  2. Jenny June 10, 2020

    This was fresh air, thank you for the pep talk and reminder!

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