Blessed Is She {Choose to Lose}

All over the world ornaments are being taken down, stockings and Christmas décor are being closed in their rubber containers, and homes are being resettled to their clean and less sparkly selves. It is in this physical transition that we take time to pause and think about 2019. The losses that shaped us. The additions we will carry with us. Were there words spoken that will be on repeat in our minds as we strive to make 2020 a year of growth?

I can’t help but think back to Mary as she recounts the year that changed her life. The year that changed the world. The year from which all time would forever be counted. What words did she take with her as she wasn’t allowed to return home? What encouragement did she remind herself of when she knew Jesus was not getting to meet her family or play with cousins?  Did she hear the words of the angel telling her to not be afraid? Did she hear Gabriel’s words saying, “You have found favor with God!” as she cried silently in a foreign place where favor didn’t feel so great?

I think that in those heavy times, maybe she remembered the hands that held hers, and the eyes she wasn’t afraid to look into that belonged to another woman who truly knew what she was going through. Words spoken softly, but heavy with emotion, by Elizabeth. “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill what he has spoken to her”. As Mary sat looking into the years that were to come, she didn’t know what lay ahead. Armed with only a baby, a husband who was equally as sure of their calling, and the words she trusted stored in her heart, they set out toward the future. Imagine with me the soothing effect those words had on the uncomfortable squeeze of her heart as they reminded her of God’s faithfulness. Blessed is she.

We know the value of a word spoken at the right time, by someone who truly gets it. We have experienced it ourselves and we have spoken them out as well. Six years ago, God spoke in the heart of a woman who felt the pain of loneliness that can be crippling to overseas workers. He moved her to create a place where more “Blessed is she” encouragement could happen, and Velvet Ashes was born. We, like you, are looking into 2020 asking God to shape us and help us to be His tool to accomplish his work. We believe he has asked us to continue to grow the seed that was planted 6 years ago. We believe there are like-minded people who, like us, want to remind others that “Blessed is she who believes…”.

Those who make Velvet Ashes happen come in all seasons of life. Some are on the field and are blessed currently by Velvet Ashes. Some are in the season of remembering their time on the field. They give because they know from experience what is needed. Some know they will never go but have a heart that burns to be a part of those who do. Some have daughters or grandchildren on the field; they give to equip them. Whatever your season as you look into 2020, will you make partnering with Velvet Ashes a part of your year? Click here to give a one-time gift of $100, $300, or $500, or whatever is on your heart. Celebrate this partnership and help us continue to bless women in 2020!

From Sarah, Chris, and me, your stateside Velvet Ashes team, we want to thank you and remind you this year… “Blessed are you who believe that the Lord will fulfill what he has spoken to you”.

What words were spoken to you that you carry in your heart during hard times?

Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash

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