Choose to Lose – Will You Join Us?

Choose to Lose- Will You Join Us?

He is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

We who have gone to the field have been inspired by these words. For me, these words felt like putty that formed itself around holes made by concerned friends questioning our sanity to leave our home and careers. Questions about our parenting for taking children to a dangerous place where sickness was real and doctors were few. Each of those “spoken with love” questions caused my very confident structure to feel wobbly. And then, encouragement through these words, molded to those wobbly places and dried to form a more solid resolve than before; like broken bones that heal stronger. 

Of course this is sobering when we realize that some global workers have to wrestle with giving up their life or their health. Some parents have to wrestle with “will my children be weird or need therapy?” Those are real and heavy burdens to set in His hands. 

However, some smaller concerns are also real and feel heavy to those that go. Things that we sometimes don’t know if we should mention. We feel unsure because these small things feel big to us, too.

Things like walking into a room where no one notices you because you belong there, sitting in a worship center where your heart understands and your mind worships, or looking at recipes without wondering, “Can I get that here?” Things like cousins at birthday parties and grandparent sleepovers, smells of home and sounds of holidays, or dressing up and looking pretty. (We were going to a land of flip flops and tank tops and as crazy as it sounds, I was going to miss heels every once in a while.) 

These things are not at the top of the list when we think of global workers “counting the cost.” If we wrap those up and set them aside, we can get to the heavier items to count in the cost, as well. The choice to leave these things behind has made quite a few chins quiver and throats tighten. Things like aging parents, weddings, and nieces and nephews being born. Things like reliable healthcare and quality schooling for our children, being a tangible shoulder to cry on for those you love but leave behind, or financial security and retirement.

Global workers have counted the cost and still they choose to lose so others may gain. 

Velvet Ashes stands with and for these women. We exist to give courage to women who have counted the cost. We want to honor them with quality resources that fill in their wobbly spots and give them strength to thrive in unlikely places.  

This month we want to recognize their sacrifice and prepare to better serve these amazing women in 2020! So for the month of December, we will be challenging different groups to honor global workers by “choosing to lose” themselves. 

Girls Night In

We know that women are strong by themselves, but together they are a force. With that in mind, our first challenge is for the girls! 

If you have an amazing group of women you do life with, we challenge you to a “Girls Night In!” Grab those girls that make you laugh, cook you a casserole, and challenge you to be better (sometimes all at once). Commit to give your “night out” funds to show your support to those strong women advancing the kingdom in other cultures. In fact, take a minute to send encouragement to your global sisters by commenting on this blog or posting on Instagram. Make sure you use the hashtag #velvetasheschoosetolose.

Using your resources to partner with Velvet Ashes will ensure we can continue to raise the bar for the community we love and reach more women than ever in 2020! 

Our reach is growing. Get on board! Choose to lose.


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