The Grove Prompt: Change

Last week we looked at Spiritual Disciplines.

We did this in preparation for our next three weeks series on Change, Re-entry, and Carry on. Regardless of which over-arching category you are in, we can’t face it without the Triune God. We need him as we change. We need him as we re-enter. We need him as we carry on.

We need him.

We’ll start by looking at change and how that theme might be interacting with your story right now. You might not live in a culture that uses cash or coins. But you’ve probably visited cultures that do. Go dig through your drawer and pull out a few coins, the random change we keep.

In Chinese, the term for “change” translates as “little money.” Put your coins in a small dish, use them to build a stack, stick one in your pocket. Let’s collectively, though far apart, use this as a small act of spiritual discipline to meditate on change, be it big or small, in our lives right now. How can your change be an offering to God?

We’ll meet back here, at  The Grove, on Thursday 6 p.m. EST to share what we’ve learned. We’d love as part of our link-up to see pictures of your change!

What do you think?

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