The Grove Prompt: Hesed

Hesed (also Chesed) is a robust Hebrew word. It’s often rendered in English as loving-kindness, but it takes many more words to edge near the mystery that it uncovers.

I first learned the word from Michael Card. He interprets it in a full sentence: When the person from whom I have the right to expect nothing gives me everything.

It is used liberally in the Old Testament, especially the Torah, for the covenantal love of God. Because Jesus was steeped in Torah, hesed is a major theme not only in His teachings, but also underpins all of His acts of mercy.

Cracking into this juicy word is like sitting in a workshop or a cooking class knowing that you’re going to learn something good if you pay attention and trust the process. That’s what we’re aiming at next week. Will you join us?

When did you first encounter the word hesed? How has it helped you know God? What questions does it raise? Do you have an experience of hesed to share? Bring your link-ups to The Grove beginning on Thursday at 6:00pm EST.

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  1. Elizabeth February 6, 2016

    I love Michael Card! Didn’t know you “knew” him too!

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