The Grove Prompt: Peace

“Satan cannot counterfeit the peace of God or the love of God dwelling in us.” (Bob Mumford)

You know it. You’ve felt it. You’ve sense it drift away.

The peace of God. As scripture tells us, God gives peace that passes understanding.

This might be your first Christmas on the field. It might be the first after a significant change to your family and you are still adjusting. You might be in the midst of  a rich season of ministry.

God dwells among us in all seasons. This week, let us remind each other to be looking for and cultivating the peace of God.

What helps you to sense peace? It maybe magical and sparkly. It may not. We would love a peek into your world.

Join us in the comments all week and link your own blog post at The Grove. Share on Instagram with #VelvetAshesPeace and let us see your corner of the world.

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  1. Ellie December 21, 2017

    I have been thinking about not doing things to turn away God’s peace this week and then, when I check in with VA posts I’ve missed, this is the theme! 😉 It’s new to me to think of how we/I can actually reject Christ’s peace by following the wrong things – I haven’t felt it so obviously before. Like this week in the run up to Christmas I can so easily lose the peace I have found in prayer in a flurry of “not doing enoughs” that hit me in the shopping centre,I can kind of feel my good peace from God leaving me. Sitting quietly with the Father and listening to what he has to say about me is the necessary constant/regular/twice daily antidote. (As well as reading good fantasy literature, savouring lovely food and appreciating things quietly. Enjoying what he has made good as he tells me to, rather than rushing around. When will I learn?! ;))

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