The Grove Prompt: Sabbath

From the very beginning, Velvet Ashes has been committed to practicing Sabbath as a community.

This is the week where we stop all of our activity. Writers put down their pens. Karen does not make one gorgeous image. Our social media teams do not post and comment and cheer us all on. Emails do not fly back and forth. And you, dear member do not have posts to read, comments to make, thoughts to think.

Instead, we will all rest, reflect, and connect with God.

Trusting that He will meet with us individually and corporately. We exhale on activity and inhale on being with him.

May the God who made you, made us with Sabbath from the beginning, bless you and keep you.

See you next week.

(P.S. Because for some people it IS restful and connective to be on Social Media, feel free to share using #VelvetAshesSabbath. How do you Sabbath? What rests and connects you?)

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