The Grove Prompt: Welcome to Living Cross-Culturally

Our excitement this month at Velvet Ashes continues as we are in the second week of our four week “Welcome” Series.

Here’s what the four weeks will hold:

This week we will focus on “Welcome to Living Cross-Culturally.” Equal emphasis on living and cross-culturally.

Last week Lauren wrote about bringing your great expectations to the field. We need you to bring your energy. We need you to bring your enthusiasm. We need you to bring your hopes.

But we want you to know that we don’t need you to bring them so we can use you.

We want you to LIVE. To make a home. To belong.

And for you to embrace and thrive cross-culturally. To become proficient in keeping yourself fed (cooking is going to take more effort than you can image right now, but don’t lose heart! We will help.). To continue familiar interests and build new ones.  To have your tongues learn new sounds and vocabulary.

This week we will focus on what it means to LIVE in a CROSS-CULTURAL contexts.

Have you been following Kathryn Bronn, a member of our Instagram team? She moved to Costa Rica last week and has been chronicling her adjustments to the field with us via Velvet Ashes Stories. You will be able to follow along and comment as she goes through her first month. (You can find the InstaStories along the top of Instagram.  Look for the Velvet Ashes Logo and join in the fun). If you’re not following us, now is a good time to start!

This week we want to hear from YOU.

You who have been there. What can you add to the conversation when it comes to  #VelvetAshesWelcomeToLivingCrossCulturally? Also share on Instagram using #VelvetAshesWelcomeToTheField and #VelvetAshesWelcome. Also join the conversation in the comments and at The Grove, Thursday 6 p.m. EST. Bring your blog posts to link up.

What do you think?

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