The Grove Prompt: Wonder

You may be feeling more homesick this week than ever.  Christmas may be feeling far from wonderful.  And let us just say that we get it.  We get that achy feeling of longing that creeps in.  Longing not for the manger, but for the second coming, the one that means we can all be home together, no more boarders, no more brokenness.

We get it.  We so get it.

But this week, can we gently nudge each other?  Can we pause and remember?  That the baby born is the promise we all live for.  Can we let the miracle of that steal our breath?

Let’s let the wonder of it all seep in.   And then let our response be… joy.  Joy at the gifts that are all around, the beauty and love found in the big and small.

This week we’re throwing a celebration on Instagram!  In all our little corners of the globe, we’re letting loose with the wonder and joy of Christmas.  Share with us what Christmas looks like for you this week.  Hashtag your image with #VelvetAshesChristmas and it’ll show up in our Christmas post at The Grove.  Whether you’re in your home country or abroad, share your Christmas joy with us.  Let’s enjoy watching Christmas unfold in this beautiful community all around the world!

What do you think?

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