The Grove Word Prompt: Welcome to the Field

You lean in close to the airplane window, excitement bubbling up within you. The scene looks different than what you just left, and your heart still aches a bit from teary goodbyes. Your eyes feel heavy from the lack of sleep, but you can’t help smiling. This is your new home.

Maybe your arrival to the field wasn’t by plane, and actually, it might have been bumpy and boring and definitely not the adventure you were hoping for.

But here you are.

Ready to settle in and learn and grow and love. Ready to sacrifice and serve and receive in ways you can’t imagine but can’t wait to experience.

Welcome to life on the field.

As we continue our discussion of transition this month, think back with us to those initial days (and weeks and months) when you arrived at the place you are serving or have lived. If you are still preparing, we hope this week can be a tool in your tool belt as you make plans and get ready.

Add your memories of your first moments on the field this week on Instagram with the hashtag #WelcometotheField. What tips would you share for adjusting? What encouragement would you share for landing in a new place well?

What do you think?

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