This week’s prompt: Comfort

We know these, don’t we?

Comfort food. When I learned to make tortilla and that ground pork could be used for taco meat and that cucumbers are pretty much just like lettuce (well, close enough, anyway), well let’s just say, I was comforted.

A comfortable corner in your home. As a youngish single woman (Amy) on the field who lived with uncomfortable furniture, I knew a corner had been when I started talking about “furniture fantasies.” Years later in processing the loss of the best couch ever I wrote three post: What a couch can meanWhat happens when answered prayer becomes old wine skins, and  In which I miss the Answerer clinging to the answer. 

Just the right words when the tears can’t stop flowing or won’t flow at all. We are known, seen, and understood in that moment. Comforted.

Our own God names part of his essence, The Comforter. And he is.

This week’s theme is comfort.  So enjoy the week and we’ll see you at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST, where you can bring your thoughts, your art, your blog link-ups.

Photo Source : Unsplash

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