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This is it, ladies, the week we launch registration for our fall Connection Groups!  I couldn’t be more excited.  Because our vision here at Velvet Ashes is to see women living “a full life in the emptiest of places.”  We want to be those “well-watered gardens, gurgling springs that never run dry”  (Isaiah 58:11 MSG).  That’s the heart of this place.

We believe that one of the keys to thriving in life overseas is to have the connection and encouragement of other women. God wired us to need each other, to journey alongside one another.  That’s why Velvet Ashes exists.

And Connection Groups are here to take us a step further.

We know our lives can make it very difficult to get the kind of interaction we’re longing for, connection with other women who truly understand the joys and sorrows and daily grind of cross-cultural living.

Imagine this.  What if you could meet with a mentor and a small group of other women serving overseas every week from right where you are?  No traveling, no fighting traffic or potholes in the blazing heat or the bitter cold.  Just pure encouragement arranged for you via cozy Skype sessions while you curl up in your favorite chair.

That’s exactly what we’re offering in our eight-week fall session of Connection Groups beginning the last week of September and ending the week before Thanksgiving.  There will be eight groups and times to choose from, so pick which one works for you!

Registration opens Tuesday Sept 16, at 6pmEST and will close when full.  

Would you help us spread the word about Connection Groups?  Will you share this post via Facebook, Twitter and email?  Let your organizations and sending groups know about this opportunity?  Because you never know whose life might be touched with some much needed encouragement because you helped them know about Connection Groups.

And guess what, if you’ve returned from the field or are on home assignment, you’re invited to be a part of these groups too!

Join us this week as we talk about letting others in and experiencing the richness of connection.  And we’ll see you at The Grove beginning Thursday at 6pmEST.  Bring your blog posts to link up on this week’s prompt “Connect.”

And come check out registration for Connection Groups when it opens Tuesday 6pmEST!


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  1. Sheila March 25, 2015

    When do Connect Groups start again? I’m hoping to connect to a facebook group of other repatriating women.



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