This week’s prompt: Crisis

Crisis is, by definition, something that blindsides you with it’s difficulty.  It sets you reeling with all the questions, “WHAT? …Why? …How? …What now?”

What do you do when crisis hits on the field?  What happens if you are plane rides away from your go-to “help me” people?  How do you survive crisis then?

If you’ve ever experienced crisis, on or off the field, if you are currently going through crisis, this week is for you.  This is a time and a place for you to process. It’s somewhere you can find some listening ears.  It’s a place to find a story of hope to grab hold of.

This week is also a place for us to learn how to walk with someone through crisis, because, Lord knows, that’s a tough road to be on.

We’ll be talking about hard ugly stuff this week, infidelity and rape and robbery and health problems too.  Whatever your crisis is or had been, there’s room for your story too.

We’re not here to say, “It’s all okay.”  Because we know that it’s not.  Sometimes things are the opposite of “okay.”  So no need to sugar coat or tie up your stories in happy bows.

Together we’ll lean in and lean hard on the truth of Him who holds us through it all.

Join us at The Grove beginning Thurs 6pm EST and bring your link ups to share.

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  1. brooke March 2, 2015

    I can’t list all the serious Crises that my team has encountered during my 14 years on the field.  Many have caused deep scars that we carry with us always. Others were scary but quickly passed.

    How can I mention the car accident in which I hit and killed a girl who ran across the street in front of me, or the national church we work with splitting over a power struggle, or the time they tried to revoke our overseas leader’s visa because he stood for the truth (actually that happened twice), or the overseas worker that came and tried change how everything was done and to divide the field–eventually he was asked to leave, or the heart-ache of a senior overseas worker dying on the field because of poor health care, or the MKs who nearly died from malaria/appendicitis/falling from a car, or ….

    Many would not survive any of these alone. We definitely struggled, but I am thankful for such a strong team that I work with.  We are there for each other in crises such as these.  Yes, we hurt and we have not healed quickly, but we all are committed to serve the Lord as we feel He has called us to our field.

    By God’s grace we are here, stronger from our scars, thankful for lessons learned.

    1. Danielle Wheeler March 3, 2015

      Wow, Brooke… sounds like you could write a book.  So, so sorry for each and every one of the crisis you have been through.  Grateful, along with you, that you have a strong community, and that you have clung to God’s grace through it all.

      This whole spring series at Velvet Ashes will be a great place to share and process and continue the healing journey.  Glad you’re here with us.

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