This week’s prompt: Health

So far this month we’ve talked Tips and Clash, and this week we’re touching Health. Tips, Clash, and Health are frequent companions. Can we even begin to catalogue all of the information on how to be healthy? And what about all of the advice that clashesIs coffee good for us or bad for us?

Physical, relational, mental, emotional, spiritual. There are many directions we could take the conversation on health this week.

More than anything else, though, I think we’ll see arrows pointing to the God that is both source and target of our health.

If you have tips, bring them. Anyone interested in chatting Green Smoothies? Essential oils native to your region? What you do to stay active where you live?

What are your ideas and experiences of health lost, restored, maintained? If you’re suffering for an absence of health, how is God meeting you there?

Connection is what makes any information meaningful. So, we’ll meet up at The Grove on Thursday beginning at 6pm EST. I (Kim) look forward to connecting with you over Health.

What do you think?

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