This Week’s Prompt: Mentor

How fun to get glimpses into your homes last week at The Grove!  And even better, to hear the truths that settle your soul.

This week, our theme is “Mentor.”  Thrive Ministry surveyed women serving overseas and the number one need expressed by these women was the need to be spiritually mentored.

Do you echo that hunger?  That desire to have someone come alongside you and pour their wisdom and encouragement into you?  Or are you in a place where you’re pouring yourself and your experience into someone else?  There’s so much to talk about when it comes to mentoring.

Here’s what in store this week:

Today: Emily Thomas shares “An Interview with My Mentor.”  Pure wisdom right there.

Tuesday: At Book Club we’re kicking off the new book for September, Cracking Up: A Post-Partum Faith Crisis with “The Book Even That Comes to You!”

Wednesday: Kayla Rupp shares her story of “Everybody Needs an Allison.” What is it about a mentor relationship that so unique?

Thursday: Amy Young answers the question “What to do When You Can’t Find a Mentor.”  Anyone in that boat?

Friday:  Join me at The Grove.  Bring stories of how you’ve been mentored.  Link up with us and then maybe send your mentor a link to your blog post.  What a way to thank and honor someone that has poured into you!  Bring all your thoughts and desires about being mentored and being a mentor.  I think you’ll find that you’re not alone.

And we just might have some exciting news coming this week, an opportunity for you to find some mentoring right where you are!  Stay tuned…


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  1. Christy September 4, 2014

    I love the idea of having a mentoring group online.  God has lead me to mentor a handful of young women and I truly get blessed from it myself.  About 6 years ago I began praying for a mentor and had 3 names of women to ask.  I knew one of them well and the other two I only just met.  I met with the lady I knew and one of the others and never felt lead to ask one of them to mentor me.  Then I had lunch with the 3rd lady and it was hard to ask but I felt she was the one.  In fact, I asked her to think and pray about it and not answer right away and I’d call her in 2 weeks.  When I called her she said yes but she said she also knew the moment I asked she was to mentor me but respected my request to wait.

    Just a few nights before we met, she had completed her last class of a bible study on Titus and was challenged at the end, “Who are you mentoring or who is God leading you to mentor?” When I asked her a couple days later she knew this was from God.  She became my mentor and later my friend, though we’ve lost touch now.  Having a mentor for 2 years was quite powerful in my life.  I had a place to process my spiritual life and it helped move me closer to where I am today. She was real with me and it was sweet how our relationship moved from mentoring to friendship in that we were able to mutually speak into one another’s lives.


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