This Week’s Prompt: Settle

Many of us have just crossed the sea.  Some of us are still cross-eyed from jet-lag.

Some of us are doing this for the very first time.  And others of us have lost count of how many times we’ve made the same long journey.

But I think we all have something in common.  We all like for our lives and our dwellings to feel settled.  Am I right?  This proves to be especially challenging for women like us.  So this week we’re delving into the idea of “Settle.”

To keep up with our transitory lives, Velvet Ashes is doing a time zone switch!  Posts will be going live at 6pmEST (the day before).

Today we have M’Lynn Taylor writing about settling for less that your ideal home.  She’s not talking about House Hunter’s version of “less than ideal.”  She’s talking roaches and six flights of stairs.  How are you at settling and being content with your less than desired home?

Tuesday – Come see what book is next for Book Club!  Comment and enter to WIN the book!  That’s right, five of you will win a free book!  And we’ll be wrapping up our discussion of My Name is Asher Lev .

Wednesday – Kimberly Todd shares about being in the most unsettled state she and her family have ever been in.  You won’t want to miss the reflections she has as she lives between lives.

ThursdayShelly Miller thought she would be settling into her new life in London by now.  But as is so often the story of our lives, plans have been delayed.  Come read how God is speaking to her anxious heart.

Friday – Join us at The Grove.  Bring a picture of what home is looking like for you these days.  Upload it at The Grove and share with us where you are on the “Settled/Unsettled” spectrum.  Remember the time change! The Grove will begin Thursday 6pmEST.

I love that we can connect on these issues that resonate so uniquely with the lives that we live!  It’s going to be a good week, friends.

Photo Credit: Joelk75 via Compfight cc

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  1. Alex King August 26, 2014

    excited about this week & jumping back in. We’ve been here almost 13 months now and i finally feel like we’re settled in. I finally feel like i’m standing on both feet. Excited to talk about this!

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