This Week’s Theme – Content

Throughout this week, can we together center our hearts on the contentment that is ours in Christ?  Yes, we all have burdens and stresses and busyness, but if the apostle Paul can learn the secret of being content in any and every circumstance, should we not also?

This week, let’s pause to find and soak in the contentment He offers us.  When you have that moment, will you pause and jot it down?  Just a line or two.  Let your list grow throughout the week.  Then let’s gather at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST and let’s share our lists.  Let’s see and rejoice in all the multitude of ways we experience contentment because of Him.  Marking it down, sharing it with others, this is an act of worship, an offering of gratitude, a training of our hearts and minds to living in that secret contentment.

Let’s dialogue throughout the week in the post comments, and let’s share on Instagram.  Share a pic of your moment of contentment and use #VelvetAshesContent.  Then at the week’s end, we’ll see you at The Grove.

What do you think?

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