This Week’s Theme: Hidden

Is this worth it?

I really want to go home.

I can’t tell anyone how hard this is.

Internal and external pressure to “have it all together” as cross-cultural workers can build walls, keeping our fears and doubts and struggles hidden. Shame hovers nearby.

What do you do with those questions you would rather hide from the world?

We don’t want to force you to share in ways you aren’t comfortable with, but we do want to talk about bringing what is hidden in our hearts out into the light of Christ’s love and sister accountability. We want you to know that you aren’t alone in the doubts, the fears, the struggles. We want to get real with each other and push each other to find those safe people that we can share with.

This week you will hear from women just like you who are opening up the door of their hearts. They will share the ways they have been challenged to be vulnerable, and we are so grateful for their honesty. You have the freedom to join the conversation in the comments of these posts, or to find other ways to process and share what is on your heart.

We want you to know you are welcome. You are loved. You are seen.

Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

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