This Week’s Theme: Joy

It’s been four years since I’ve seen snow fall.  That’s what comes of living on the cold edge of a dry desert.

I’d love one good snow for my kids to romp in, but other than that I can’t say I miss the cold mess.

But there is one thing I miss about snow, that hushed holiness that hangs in the air as crystals fall, the earth blanketing itself.  That moment when pure beauty comes down and covers the dead and brown in pure glory.

But you know what?  I have that same sense heading into this week.

Holiness hangs in the air.

Divinity coming down.  Pure glory blanketing a dead and weary world, that we may seep new life, and burst forth in joy.

Immanuel, come.  

May we seek your face, the sweet sense of your presence this week.  

May we meet you in intimate moments, amidst jubilant gatherings and in quiet retreat.

May we delight in joy of you here with us.


This week at The Grove, we want to see what Christmas looks like for you.  Will you snap a picture this week and bring it to The Grove to share?  Whatever it looks like for you, we want to see the joy of your Christmases around the world.

Photo Credit : Gratisography


  1. LeAnn December 22, 2014

    Sparkling delight

    A mid-eastern winter’s night,
    Light shooting through the sky;
    Angels send shepherds to the sty.
    Few would even suspect
    God’s promise would thus be kept.

    Promised restoration
    Comes to each and every nation.
    Yet, still today
    So many peoples cannot say:
    They know His peace,
    All fears have ceased.

    Go share the great song;
    Tell the global throng.
    The Lord makes love His choice
    So that all may rejoice.
    The lovely little Jesus boy
    Restores our fullness of JOY!

  2. Melba December 25, 2014

    Spent Christmas Day with Mongolian English teachers! It was such a wonderful blessing!

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