This Week’s Theme: Naming

We could each start with a blank piece of paper or journal page and fill it up quickly with our experiences from this last year. And then if we dig a little deeper, we could pull out the emotions, the losses, the triumphs, the grief.

There is power in naming.

We name our joys and turn them into praise to the Father who gives such good gifts to His children. We name the sorrow and let the Comforter meet us there in the grief. We give voice to the anger or the sense of injustice over all that is not yet right and good and healed, naming but releasing the hold any bitterness might have on us.

What needs to be named in your heart?

We believe there is hope found in recognizing what our bodies and minds and hearts are holding.

Share what you are naming this week on social media with the hashtag #VelvetAshesNaming, or in the blog post comments!

What do you think?

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