This Week’s Theme: On Being a Woman – Fertility

Two little pink lines.

A hospital in a foreign city.

The baby you’ll never get to meet.

The monthly reminder that feels like a dream broken and buried once again.

Infertility. Pregnancy overseas. Empty and aching arms. Miscarriage. Mothering expressions lived out no matter our life stage.

We know the topic of fertility might be painful for you as you grieve or wait or cling to hope. Perhaps you are a single woman watching the child-bearing years tick by, or you might be gazing down at your growing belly, more questions than answers filling your mind as you think about giving birth outside your passport country. You might be wrestling with sorrow over a loss, or shame for wanting to blame the place to which God called you.

This tender spot is the soil for rich conversations and honest stories. Your tears or your miracles or your tentative questions are welcome here this week.

Join us as we move through a series called “On Being a Woman” this month. Share on social media this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesOnBeingaWoman or #VelvetAshesFertility.

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