This Week’s Theme: On Being a Woman – Sexuality

For the single who wonders if her sexuality is wasted.

For the married woman who is struggling to find enjoyment in sex but doesn’t know how to ask for help.

For the one carrying the pain of what never should have been done to her.

For the sister with questions and confusion. The one cloaked in shame for past choices. For all of us who walk in this broken world longing for wholeness.

Sexuality. We would rather avert our eyes and cover blushing cheeks, but we are going to be real and honest this week. If you have pain in your past that could be triggered, be gentle with yourself and skip the posts if you that is what you need to do.

We have only two posts this week, and we hope this will create space to sit with the stories shared and process what God might have us as we consider the topic of sexuality. Join us in the comments on those blog posts and on social media. Reach out with questions or if there’s a way that Velvet Ashes can walk with you. We’re going there with you, to hold on to hope in the hard and the good.



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