This Week’s Theme: Pleasures

We plan our themes here at Velvet Ashes several months in advance, having no idea what will be happening in the world. Our planning team listens to the Lord for the direction He wants us to go, we look at different conversations already happening in our community and are always amazed at what comes out.

Perhaps in light of everything happening with the spread of COVID-19 affecting so many of us in one way or another, talking about the theme of Pleasures seems strange.

But maybe the Father knew we needed to pause in the midst of the fear and uncertainty to remember the gifts.

What are the bright spots poking through the darkness right now?

Are you finding creative ways to care well for your neighbors, your family, those who are most vulnerable, and yourself in these times?

Are there things making you smile even in the midst of the craziness?

Let’s hold tight to hope together, sisters, as we celebrate the sweet pleasures He gives us this week. You can join in virtually to the conversation by commenting on blog posts and sharing what brings you delight this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesPleasures.

What do you think?

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