This Week’s Theme: Thank You

Those of us hailing from the US of A, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Maybe it’s your first big holiday away from home, and there’s an ache in your soul. Or maybe you’ve been around long enough to grow a love for the overseas version of holidays, how what you have simply becomes enough.

Whether or not you’re an American eating (or longing for) turkey this week, we all need the reminder to pause, to offer up these two words…

“Thank you.”

How is it that these are the same two words you say to both the stranger holding the door for you and to the God of the universe who paid for your soul with the blood of His Son?

And yet it is…

These two words are what we have. These two meager words have the power to change your life. To choose these words daily, no matter what. To see even smallest good and acknowledge it as gift. To see the hard and say, “Thank you for even this, for what you are doing in this.”

Join us this week as we delve into thanks. And then meet us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pmEST. Bring your heart, your words, your art on the prompt “Thank you.”

Photo Credit : Unsplash

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