This Week’s Theme: Women and Sending Organizations

Sending organizations are far from perfect! We’ll be the first to tell you that. We also live in a time when many are sent from a church or go out on their own without an organization. 

For those of us with sending organizations we know the services they provide are wide and varied. Sometimes they train us, or provide structures for our finances, retirement, member care, and health insurance. Some of us have great experiences and some of us have stories of hurt. 

Do women have a role in your organization or voice into leadership decisions? In what ways does this affect you on the field, or help you feel seen and heard? 

If there are places where there is room for growth in the way we send out women, how would you encourage that to happen?

We are continuing our series on women and our unique experiences in cross-cultural work! We would love for you to join the conversation. Check out our blog posts this week and add your thoughts on social media!


Photo by Pedro Dias on Unsplash

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