Word Prompt: Ordinary

We’ve been opening up about our valleys these last few days at The Grove.   And we’re finding we’re not alone in our dark places.  We’re also hearing stories of hope and healing, of valleys now in the past.  And in all of this we’re sensing the whispers of Him who walks through every shadow with us.

This week, our theme is “Ordinary.”

Because we know we’re not going to jump from the valley to the mountaintop.  And none of us live from peak to peak.  Instead we walk in the everyday, the often mundane, one foot in front of the other.  But it’s here, friends, here in the ordinary that the glory of our Father’s presence waits to meet us.

Let’s tune into that beauty this week.

Join us at The Grove, beginning Thursday 4pm EST, where we’ll share our hearts, our words, our art on the prompt, “Ordinary.”

ANNOUNCEMENT: Also at The Grove this week, we’ll be launching registration for Velvet Ashes’ Connection Groups.  Space is  limited and will be a first come first serve basis.  So if this is something you’re hungry for, be sure to sign up right away!

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