Word Prompt: Sacrifice

This week we’re looking ahead to Easter…

Today we have Ashley Felder giving us two very do-able recipes that will give your Easter meal an extra special touch.  And her story, “The Granny Who Stole Easter?”  True story.  I was there.  Favorite Easter memory ever.

Tuesday join us for the amazing conversations we’re having at Book Club!  This week: “Letting Go of Comparison.”  If you don’t show up and say you struggle with this too, I will think I’m the only one.

Wednesday Kimberly Todd will share with us her take on Mary Magdalene.  You don’t want to miss this one.  Trust me.

Thursday Renee Aupperlee will tune our hearts for Holy Week with a stunning piece on sacrifice.

Then we’ll gather at The Grove on Good Friday.

I have to admit that there are years when I let Good Friday get lost in the whirl of daily life.  The day can come and go without me focusing, really truly dwelling on the magnitude of this day.  I don’t want that to happen this year.  

So this week I will light candles.  I will soak in the Passion passages.  And I will write.   I will show up at The Grove on Good Friday with a humble offering.  Words to etch the meaning of the day into my soul.  Words to honor the One who came to a grove of olive trees 2,000 years ago and prayed a bloody prayer for me.  Then died a bloody death for me.    

Can we come together this Friday to raise a joint offering?  Can we lift our hearts, our words, our art on the prompt “Sacrifice” to honor Him?  Remember, he doesn’t need fancy.  He wants heart-felt and real.

I anticipate this Good Friday will be one to remember.  See you there, friends.

Photo Credit: kurafire via Compfight cc

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