Word Prompt: Valley

Last week we talked about life-giving rhythms.  We took time to remind ourselves to breathe.  I hope you all felt refreshed from the posts and conversation that flowed out at The Grove.  It really was lovely.

But I wonder…

I wonder if there are some of you out there who feel like “life-giving rhythms” is a mirage for you.  A dream that feels completely unattainable.  You’d like more than anything to breathe refreshed and renewedbut the truth is, every day you’re battling through the muck at the bottom of the valley.  And you don’t see a way out.

This week is for you.

This week, we are hearing from women serving overseas and their stories of depression.  And we are going to hold the gift of their vulnerability with tenderness.  We’re going to gather and lather love.  We’re going to create a place to share from the valley, to be with each other, to know that no one is alone.

Your valley may be labeled “depression” or maybe not.  Regardless, this is a safe place to say you’re not okay.

See you at The Grove beginning Thursday 4pm EST where we’ll share our thoughts, stories, and art (via comments and blog link-ups) on our prompt “Valley.”

What do you think?

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