10 Easy Ways to Support Velvet Ashes

support Velvet Ashes

Don’t you love when God brings just the right word to you here at Velvet Ashes . . . and in that moment you are revived. We do. We love those moments and want them to continue for you and others.

Thankfully, it is easier to support and further the work of Velvet Ashes than you may have realized. Here are 10 easy ways for you to support Velvet Ashes.

1. You shop on Amazon, right? Right. Go to Amazon Smile and select “Velvet Ashes Inc” as your charity. Amazon Smile is a way for you to donate a small percentage to a charity while you to shop on Amazon without any additional cost to you!

2. Like posts on the Velvet Ashes Facebook Page. Pretty please. This might seem simple, but it is one of the most helpful things you can do . . . that and comment on the Facebook page. Facebook uses how many likes and comments are on a post to decide if they are going to show it on people’s feeds or hide it. We do not have a very active Facebook community and are trying to  change that. But we cannot do it without you.

3. Pray! Pray for the leadership of Velvet Ashes. Pray for the teams that keep Velvet Ashes going (writers, social media, website support). Pray for the book club, Connection Groups, and the Retreat. Pray for the needs of the community. Join the prayer team and receive monthly emails OR join our Facebook Prayer page.

4. Invite people you know to read a book for the book club, join a Connection Group, do the retreat with you, or to read a post and talk with you about it. The number one way people hear about Velvet Ashes is because a friend told them about Velvet Ashes. You might think your friend already knows about VA, but better to double check.

5. Tell people about the Resource Page. If someone needs to to know where to get pre-field training, online counseling while on the field, speech therapy through Skype, Christian coaching, counseling centers around the world, debriefing, in-person retreats, or many of the other resources we have curated . . . tell them about the Resource Page.

6. When you register for the Retreat, you can give a retreat to someone who desperately needs to connect with God and be refreshed by him. We call it “buy one, give one.” If you are able, when registration opens in about a month, be ready to buy one (for $10) and give one (also for $10).

7. Share posts. Want to know how many people first hear about Velvet Ashes? Because someone shared about a post on Facebook or Instagram. Once every couple of weeks or so, share! We make it easy to share. On the blog, click on one of the options, add a short comment and viola!

8. Comment on a blog post, Instagram post, or on Facebook. Sometimes it is easy to think you are the only one a post resonated with and you forget how many of us are “out there” dealing with the same stuff. Your comment doesn’t have to be “deep” or profound or long. It can be as simple as “Thank you. I needed this.” Or “I’ve been learning these lessons too!” Let others know they are not alone.

9. Follow Velvet Ashes on Social Media. We are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Go one more . . . invite your friends to follow Velvet Ashes.

10. Join in. Velvet Ashes is what Velvet Ashes is because of you. You matter. You are seen. You are loved. You are welcome. Being a part of Velvet Ashes can be as simple as a like, a comment, a share, a prayer.

How can you support Velvet Ashes today so that others are revived through this ministry?


  1. Grace L January 24, 2018

    Thank you, Amy, for these insights and encouragement. I was blessed by the Velvet Ashes Retreat last year and this year I am inspired to “buy one” and to “give one”. And I often tell other women on the field about Velvet Ashes because it means a lot to me. Thanks to all of you who serve us in this way.

  2. Ellie January 30, 2018

    I think it’s key to me to remember that not everyone knows about VA because I always assume they must – will try to share more! 😉 It’s such a lifeline and blessing.

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