Retreat Registration is Now Open!

It’s here! Registration for the 2018 Velvet Ashes Retreat is officially OPEN.

The early bird registration rate (only $10!) is available for one week only so sign up today.

If you’re wondering how an online retreat actually works, we’ve got all the information for you here. If you are interested in hosting a Retreat gathering, but have lots of questions, we have a free Host Guide that will show you how simple it is. We’ve done the planning for you!

You’ll notice our Retreat imagery this year features some special plants. These lovelies are called “air plants.” I’m going to let you in on why we are so drawn to these plants, and why they are perfect for this year’s retreat.

Take a look. These plants are rootless.

They are rootless because they do not live off of soil. They don’t even need to be in soil.  Crazy, right? They can be moved about from place to place. Hang it on a wall, stick in on a shelf, in a bowl, even straight on the floor!

So how does it live? How does it thrive? How does it grow as a living plant with no soil??

It is sustained by light and water. That’s it.

Are you catching all the metaphors here? How often have we as cross-cultural women felt rootless?

When we leave our home countries, we feel like we’re leaving our roots behind. We try to re-root in foreign soil. Sometimes it goes incredibly well. Other times we feel ourselves struggling in this new soil.

Our response is often to dig deeper, try harder. We try to find community, to succeed in ministry, to create a home, and a host of other good, wonderful things. But that soil is not what actually sustains us. If we look to these things to fulfill us, sustain us, we will continually come up dry.

Sometimes air plants will shoot out roots. But the purpose of roots is to connect it to its environment or to other plants. The roots connect, they don’t sustain.

Because only the One who is Light and Living Water can truly sustain us.  Amen?

There are a few ways to water an air plant. One is to frequently mist it. Regular refreshment. The other way is to submerge it for a period of time.

The Velvet Ashes Retreat is a chance to submerge.

If you’re feeling dry and thirsty, this Retreat is for you.

If you’re thriving and enjoying a healthy season, this Retreat is for you.

This Retreat is an invitation to spend an extended period of time with Jesus, digging into his Word, encountering his heart for you.  It is designed with intention to foster renewal for your heart, mind, and body. It is a time to offer yourself in worship, to respond to Jesus’ invitation to “Come away with me… and rest.” Because he is the one, the one and only, that truly sustains us.

Retreat Registration


Who is excited for the Retreat? Where in the world will you be retreating? Will you be doing a personal or group retreat? How can our Prayer Team be praying for you and your Retreat time?  



  1. Elizabeth February 28, 2018

    Roots — exactly the issue I am dealing with right now. Or rather, the issue that God is dealing with in me. Looking forward to the retreat and the book club discussions on roots too.

  2. Erin March 1, 2018

    I’m so excited for another Velvet Ashes retreat…this is my second. The last one was so lifegiving and met me where I was at. This year I laughed when I got the initial email because the retreat focus is just completely perfect…I love how worldwide this retreat is but how personal it feels all at the same time. I’m in French Polynesia and it’s just my family here so I have no team to retreat with. I’m an introvert so it’s ok but I think I will contact some other M friends around the world and see if we would want to do a debrief or skype sharing time over what the Lord did through our retreat times in our different areas of the world.

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